Life and Works of the Chairman

Life and Works of the Chairman


Cá bắn cá gừngAhmed Akbar Sobhan, founder of the Bashundhara Group, a leading industrial and business conglomerate in the country, is not only an optimistic and courageous businessman but also a successful entrepreneur and visionary leader in the field of real estate.

He was and still is driven by his vision of building an economically empowered and self-reliant nation. He is an entrepreneur with the mission of creating innovative, committed and capable human resources what is grossly believed to have played key roles in his enormous success.

Cá bắn cá gừngThe core theme of this business group -'For the People, For the Country'- is a glowing testimony to his commitment of doing much of his part for creating a better future of the nation.

Mr. Sobhan was born on February 15, 1952 in a noble Muslim family at lslampur in Dhaka, the then provincial capital of East Pakistan. He is the youngest son of Abdus Sobhan and Umme Kulsum. He did his graduation in Business Studies from the University of Dhaka.

Cá bắn cá gừngHe became a hockey player and entered business when his academic attachment was over. He always had a vision of creating business organization of superior class. The enterprise he lunched decades ago has ultimately become one of the largest business house of the country.

With his ability of seeing far ahead, he first thought of developing modest accommodation for the middle and upper-middle income segments, the largest group of the society, and launched the East West Property Development (Private) Limited.

Family determined aim, absolute integrity, patience and untiring efforts were the secrets of his unobstructed success despite many adversities and hazards of different forms. The success has ultimately made him the father of the giant business house that is currently running more than 40 enterprises covering majority of the sectors.

Rapid growth in the real estate ventures encouraged him to take up newer industrial projects of domestic, regional and international needs. The projects deal with basic, paper and paper products, basic construction inputs such as cement, converted energy, liquid petroleum gas, petroleum refinery, large scale excavation and dredging, maritime transportation, food and beverage, mass media, aviation, heavy engineering, logistics services delivery, social gathering and convention facility development and so on. It has helped the nation cut the dependence on import to a large extent.

Diversification of business and farsighted entrepreneurship helped the business group become the leader amongst the cutting-edge business houses. The Group has employed a workforce of above 50 thousand people and thus supports livelihoods of half a million  people behind the workforce.

Now, Sobhan finds himself as the proud father of four brilliant sons - Sadat Sobhan, Shafiat Sobhan, Sayem Sobhan and Safwan Sobhan - who duly have excelled in their respective fields. All the four sons have been raised in a fashion that has made them able to shoulder their father's responsibilities quite admirably.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the country's housing sector, the President Gold Medal was conferred on him by the Government in 1994. He was also awarded the Kazi Nazrul Islam Medal in 1992 for significant roles in social development, the Janata Bank Prime Customer Award in 2002, the USA Summit International Award in 2002, which brought the business group international recognition,  Bangladesh Cultural Foundation Award in 2009, Agrani Bank Best Client Award in 2010 and Mother Teresa International Canonization Award in 2016 for social welfare services in Bangladesh.

In spite of huge achievements, unbeaten successes, recognitions and felicitations from different spheres, Mr. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan remains as an accessible, humble and down-to-earth person, so that he can carry forward his missions and work for rebuilding a better future for the People and the Country.